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Someone who is skilled at smoking weed in that they make the most out of each hit.
Look at that chiefer over there smoking the roach.
by Rex T. Sanders July 24, 2005
Someone who smokes marijuana.
They are chiefers, they chief thrice a day.
by Jack November 15, 2003
Someone who excessively hogs the blunt, joint, bong, etc. and takes way too long with the hit.
Stoner 1: Dude, you've had that blunt for like 10 minutes.

Stoner 2: Man, I just got it. Let me hit it.

Stoner 1: You fucking chiefer. Give me that! *slaps chiefer
by Jshrubz March 15, 2008
When you're getting high, and someone takes more than their share of hits.
*Chiefman* smoking a joint*

Us: You fucking chiefer! Pass the J!
by Baus January 17, 2010
someone who never has their own weed and tries to smoke all he can from everyone else's
yo you a cheifer get off my weed
by KicKaK March 06, 2005
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