(n.) (pronounced "chicken waaangs") a contagious disease
Nate: You best not sleep around or you'll get the chicken wings!
by McRobot December 11, 2008
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Why is it that 99% of the people who submit definitions to this site think we're interested in their made up 'sexual' words or terms? No one cares to hear about some fictitious sexual act you've never performed to begin with. 'chicken wings' have nothing to do with sex or masturbation. They are an extremely tasty and extremely common western food that can be found at pretty much any bar and grill out there, as well as being readily available in the frozen food section of your local supermarket.
Let's go to the tavern and get some chicken wings!
by Lament April 18, 2006
1.(v) An offensive/defensive move performed by bending ones arm and using the forearm to connect across the face or neck of an individual for the purpose of incapacitation. This move is normally used when to close to throw a punch.
I just saw a cop knock a drunk guy on his ass with a crossface chicken wing!
by St0rk July 24, 2006
its a frikin wing of a chicken
I ate a chicken wing for supper.
by ShogunDragon July 06, 2005
A sexual position where the woman is on her back with legs bent, tucked in the bend of the man's arms, and pointing her feet outward. Similar to the hucklebuck.
We started out banging missionary and then shifted into the chickenwing.
by Todd Dennis January 19, 2006
A sexual manoeuvre where a man places his cock horizontally in a womans ( preferably sweaty ) underarm then she proceeds to flap her arm up and down in order to give the man sexual gratification.
Place your penis in her armpit then the woman bends her elbow over 90 degrees. Then starts flapping her arm up and down like a chicken wing. ( auditory chicken imitations are optional)
by Arselicker June 18, 2010
a wrestling move that involves pulling someones arm behind their back so that it looks like a chicken wing
William put John into a chicken wing when he stole William's pen because William has anger issues.
by Roddy345 April 21, 2009
An insult to Hell's Angels, because the "death head" looks like a chicken wing. Plus, they are pussies who only fight with guns, and co-op with police and military.
Did you see that guy on the bike? His patch looks like a chicken wing.
by NonyaBuziniz March 16, 2013

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