Something A black man cannot live without. In fact the phrase "Everything taste like chicken" most have come from a black male. They are typically greasy wings (if fried) high in everything like cholesterol, sodium etc.. in other words this sh** will block your arteries. Usually found in the hood. How would you know in your in the hood. I'm glad you asked! If you see a Chinese restaurant, a liquor store, a strip joint and a church all in the same block your definitely in the hood. Which at this point you will only have just a few minutes before you get jacked. Your only escape may be for you to act retarded and shit on your pants and you might get away unharmed but you can say goodbye to your jewelry wallet ect. Areas you will find, if need further assistance OpaLocka , liberty city ect.
Tyrone: yo i'm hungrier than a motha%@*^, nig** is got the muchies

Pookey head: Yo im riding to the store get me some chicken wings

Tyrone: yo grab me a 40 and a phillie

Pookey head: Aiight , peace im out !
#chicken wings #chicken #greasy food #cholesterol #hood
by AL B July 04, 2006
Top Definition
Why is it that 99% of the people who submit definitions to this site think we're interested in their made up 'sexual' words or terms? No one cares to hear about some fictitious sexual act you've never performed to begin with. 'chicken wings' have nothing to do with sex or masturbation. They are an extremely tasty and extremely common western food that can be found at pretty much any bar and grill out there, as well as being readily available in the frozen food section of your local supermarket.
Let's go to the tavern and get some chicken wings!
#tasty #delicious #spicy #chicken #wings
by Lament April 18, 2006
1.(v) An offensive/defensive move performed by bending ones arm and using the forearm to connect across the face or neck of an individual for the purpose of incapacitation. This move is normally used when to close to throw a punch.
I just saw a cop knock a drunk guy on his ass with a crossface chicken wing!
#blow #hit #bash #pound #beat
by St0rk July 24, 2006
its a frikin wing of a chicken
I ate a chicken wing for supper.
by ShogunDragon July 06, 2005
a wrestling move that involves pulling someones arm behind their back so that it looks like a chicken wing
William put John into a chicken wing when he stole William's pen because William has anger issues.
#wrestling #pain #buffalo wing #chickens #fowl
by Roddy345 April 21, 2009
A girl that has more bones on her than meat. Like you can actually see her ribs and hip bone.
I like girls with some meat on them, I don't want no chicken wing.
#skinny female #boney #anorexic #thin #sick
by poppaj September 02, 2008
a serving of crack cocaine only understandable to serious fucking trappers. Similar to a yam, bird, or some other serving of crack. Also equivalent to 8, somehow.
"4+4 dawg, thats a chicken wing." - Gucci Mane
#crack #trapper #chicken #wing #gucci #mane #hood
by toddletales April 20, 2010
The art of creeping up behind someone, ether gender, forcing your arms under their arms and then to the back of their head whist buggering the hell out of them in one fast stealth movement. Observers may see the recipient flapping their arms around in submission; hence, The chicken wing manoeuvre.
I make the Colonel proud tonight, I managed a chicken wing and BBQ sauce for about 20 minutes, finger licking good it was too.
#chicken wing #the chicken wing #manoeuvre #kernel #kfc
by The JOP September 12, 2012
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