A mishearing of chickenpox (varicella), a viral illness characterized by a very itchy red rash. Commonly heard in South Wales, in particular Llanelli.

Despite the lipsmackin' monicker, the discarded scabs are NOT recommended for human consumption.

"Taffy, worra those big scabs yew are scratchin' there? I bet you 'ave the chicken box!"
by w00fdawg September 05, 2005
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A cardboard or styrofoam box containing 4 to 5 fried chicken wings and french fries. Some chicken box replace the french fries with western fries. Some chicken boxes are sold as combos, adding a half and half.
Me: Let me get a chicken box
Korean Clerk: What'chu want on it
Me: Salt, peppa. ketchup
Korean Clerk: You want largey "alf and alf"
Me: Yeah
Korean Clerk: Six dala
by Big Slim February 10, 2004
primary source of nutrients for crackheads on greenmont and north in baltimore usa.
crackhead:"dolla fo chicken box son"
cracka:"he's gonna rob us"
crackhead:"dolla dolla son son chiken box sonny son asdkjf'aknnnnnnnnnn!!!!
by kevin w August 27, 2004
A styrofoam box containg 5 wings with fries with 1 or 2 pieces of bread or rolls.
Mag: Um, I want a chicken box with salt, pepper and ketchup.
Cashier: That will be $4.99
by rx20 June 23, 2010
A run down apartment or squat, wherein crack cocaine addict may procure their fix. (See clucker, crack house)
The cops just busted down that chicken box. Now the cluckers are loitering in the street.
by doobiedoobiedoo June 19, 2008

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