A sexual act during which one person inserts a hot straightening iron up the other person's rectum. When the other person opens their mouth in shock, the top immediately inserts their erect penis into the other person's mouth and demands oral sex while turning up the heat on the straightener. As the other person vigorously performs fellatio in order to make the receiver cum faster, finish off by removing the straightener from the persons ass and straightening their hair while stroking their head.
My bowel movements were completely messed up following that chi.

At least my hair looked good after that chi.

I was chi-ing him, when the dog walked in.

He seems like he'd be into chi.

by Will Vith December 07, 2008
Top Definition
The town of Chicago
Kanye West is from the Chi
by Mitchell Dennington February 28, 2004
Energy that flows in every living and in nature. The science of Chi control using place arrangement depending on owner/user's horoscope is feng shui.

In Chinese tradition, good flowing of Chi makes you healthly. When you sick, some path flows of Chi may be obstructed which can be cured (so Chi can again flow normally) using acupuncture. However, too much flow of Chi is not good like Hurricane that can root up houses.
Hey, your house is too close to that intersection. Chi flows too much to you house and it would brings trouble. Change your house's feng shui by planting trees or change the entrance to you house will help.
by Thanwa June 04, 2004
Abbreviated term for the city of chicago
'I walk through the valley of Chi where death is/ Top floor, the view alone will leave you breathless'

From kanye west- jesus walks
by GK July 09, 2004
Chi is an asian girl that is very petite and fragile. She is always looking damn hot. However, she has poor vision and usually wears glasses. She is high spirit and always fun to be around. But tends to be shy when you first meet her. She is a perfect balance of everything.
"Damn, did you see chi? She is looking fine!"
by realslimshady February 20, 2010
awesome and extremely attractive
"chi is awesome"
by hottie119 February 20, 2010
A really really good hair straighener, probably the best on the market.
I used that chi on my hair yesterday, it worked so well!
by Lauren April 26, 2005
1.) your life force, or energy. In Chinese actually QI.
2.) the persocom/chobit that Hideki falls in love with in the CLAMP manga series Chobits
1.) I sense that your chi is not flowing well...
2.) You are way too obsessed over Chi.
by bittersweet_romantic February 12, 2005
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