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chis: a common name given to people with a stab fetish
chis stabed the poor mouse, then moved his hand up and down
by jess August 20, 2004
Chi is an Asian name for girls. A typical Chi is very smart, caring, attractive, and popular. A Chi's always looking gorgeous and stylish. Chi's are also very artistic and gifted. However, Chi's tend to have poor vision and shy when she first meet a person but Chi's are very awesome to be around. Girls with the name Chi are usually a very good friend. She often put others before herself. Chi's are epic!

LOL Just Kidding! A Chi wrote this! xD
Damn... Chi is looking fine as always!
by Chister Ninja June 14, 2013
Also known as a headbanger or rocker. Usually listen to heavy metal music, have long hair and wear leather/jean jackets and tight jeans.
Look at all the chi's hanging out at the bum benches.

I wouldn't mind going to see that ac/dc cover band, but it will probably be all chi's there.
by pemmy gal December 30, 2011
acronym for Cool Hot Insanely Sweet
usaully used to describe girls
Dude 1: "That girl is a perfect ten"
Dude 2: "I know she is so chis"
by dimelis_16 April 24, 2007
To be permanently friend-zoned.
"Dude you've been chissed again by a girl!"
by Bryn__ March 21, 2010
An amazing fun loving girl who gets all the boys. She has a huge rack and knows how to use it. She's beautiful, smart, popular, and a true friend.
My best friend is amazing.
Well duh her names Chi
by mushroomsrule02 November 02, 2011
Abbreviation for the small breed dogs most commonly known as Chihuahuas.
I took my Chi to the vet yesterday.
by ChiFashionista September 18, 2010