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to mean whatever or lame but without using the effort.
Dude I'm so outta here.
by Sammy Salvo July 03, 2005
The sound one makes when a physical high five cannot be achieved, often times is accompanied by the motion of an elevated hand slap; very much just a sound effect

Pronounced: TDSCH
Person 1: Dude, that was awesome!

Person 2: I know, right?!?!

Person 1: Word! Chh!!!

Person 2: Chh!!!!
by tylJUR November 01, 2009
A sound made in disbelief.

Also when one generally doesn't care and/or thinks your stupid.
Person 1: I can totally jump that!

Person 2: Chh, no way!
by Mariella Bazner August 26, 2006
CHH is a camp undertaken by a group of friends who have all at one stage or another attended St. Francis Xavier College, in Florey, ACT, Australia. (there are some exceptions in attendees, in one case 2 females came who were from differing school, but were good friends with "the boys")'

There is rarely any adult influence, and as a result it revolves around a large group of 8+ teenagers being idiots with various sharp implements.

Hiking is a large part of CHH, as is blatant rascism and sexism, but all in good fun.

It takes it's namesake from "Charlie's Happy Heroes", named after one of the boys on the founding trip. Charlie is not his real name.
"Man, did you go on CHH?"

"Nah man, was it a good one?"

"Yeah, we hiked up a mountain to cut a fence for wire so we could hold our toast!"

"Sweet, you heard 'bout last time with the rabbit?"

"Yeah man, I still have the head"
by Stephen_Conway11 February 29, 2008
stands for Cock hungry hoochies. Made up by Dalea in social class.
proud member of C.H.H
by Hoochie mama October 06, 2004
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