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When somebody continuously lies about their life and experiences in order to look cool and help cover up other lies
Bill : Im a firefighter/EMT in a small town near boston
Adam: Oh please...quit chezzing me Bill
by ChezBot November 03, 2013
When you tell a shitty joke that doesnt have a punch line, but you make out that it does.
"and then john howard said, that beazley said, that latham said that my dad said." "stop chezzing"
by arabsandweller May 19, 2009
Wanking with great vigor and without style.
"I was chezzing in bed last night whilst thinking about dirty toilets and alien triangles"
by MrFlanFish September 18, 2013
Trying to cover your ass when you've been caught doing something "uncivilised"
"I heard Matt got caught masterbating by his mother." "yeh he was totally chezzing"
by Potjunkie5 August 11, 2009
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