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A moronic media-invented fusion of "cheating" and "texting," designed to indicate when one is being unfaithful to their significant other by use of cell phone text messages. The very fact that this word exists in a modern lexicon is proof that it's time to step aside and let the dolphins have a go as the dominant species, as we've clearly wasted our potential.
Sally: "ZOMG did you hear that Billy is totally chexting on my BFF Jill?"
Saborlas: *SLAP*
#cheating #texting #abuse_of_technology #idiocy #pathetic
by Saborlas April 02, 2010
cheating via text messaging.
if you are in a relationship, but are basically in love with another girl (i.e. the "girl next door"), and you choose to converse and address this "other girl" in an exceptionally flirtatious and secretive texting manner, thus, you are chexting.

Example: "Mmm..kinky! What's your favorite position?" or "Spill it before I have to spank you!" or "Imma be like a waffle cone that's dripping down to the floor" or "My back hurts babe...prolly from lifting u time i'll lift you and put u in that position u like so" or "will u bare my children?" or "maybe i'll earn a kiss b4 u leave" or "I love you...wanna b my girl?"

"OMG he has a girlfriend and he sends that other girl such flirty/naughty texts...he's so chexting!"
#cheating #text messaging #adultery #unfaithful #texting
by Sophia100186 November 27, 2006
The act of cheating on a spouse through text with another person.
Bryan was chexting on Heather.
#chext #chexting #cheating #chxting #cheat
by thedeveel December 29, 2012
1. Chatting through texting. Often accompanied by snacking on Chex Mix.
1. He smiled while he chexted.

2. They broke it off by chexting eachother.
#text #chat #talk #sms #texting
by wordmaniac85 November 09, 2011
When you text people pictures of chex cereal
Person 1: stop chexting me in the middle of the night.

Person 2: but its so beautiful (insert picture of chez cereal here)
#chex #text #texting #cereal #kelloggs
by Dunk2001 February 01, 2014
Texting while attending or being within a church.
He was chexting me this morning while he was at mass; apparently the homily was really good

"The girl next to me in my pew is falling asleep, I'm chexting to stay awake!"
#texting #church #talking while in church #hexting #sexting
by aballer91 March 18, 2010
checking in on someone via text
I will be chexting you in a bit.
#text #check #cell phone #messages #checksting
by Mrs. Greg Gritton July 16, 2010
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