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1.) (Verb) The act of checking a text message.
1.) "Hoe, stop chexting while i'm talking to you."

2.) "Wait, I need to chext."
by kristenandemily September 20, 2008
Cheating while texting even though you're just texting.
Flirting through text with someone you're not dating.
Friend 1: Who are you texting?
Friend 2: my chext buddy, he's so hot!

Guy: Babe i'm sitting right here, stop chexting!
by heyheyichext November 15, 2010
noun: Light, informal conversation through cellular text media. Contraction of "chat" and "text". (verb dependent upon context & usage)
"Hey. Hit me back when you get time to chext." "Jimmy and I chexted for a few hours last night." "I haven't been able to get anything done, because Donna's been chexting at me all morning." "Gina is more chextty than anyone I know."
by mjspdx13 September 25, 2011
To sext or text someone else inappropriately when in a committed relationship. A text to someone else that would be considered cheating by your partner.
I don't think that message is appropriate to send your colleague when you're dating Cheryl, it's totally chexting.
by CdnFembot February 03, 2015

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