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3 definitions by TraumaQuadrion

on the grind; hustlin; in my bag; Philly origin; doing you; in the zone, focused, aware, omnipresent, making the right moves
I'm on my j o/ niggas better lay low/ fit you with a halo/ they don't know I spray though. on my job
by TraumaQuadrion February 24, 2009
if you like a car and you want it to be yours say chex. a Pennsylvainia version of thats my car. my homie was eatin Corn Chex on a stoop one day when we was little and we seen a hot car. he said who ever want that car say chex. he said it first so I said double Chex, etc. It spread throughout the city and state.
a Mclaren F1 roll down a street and three kids scream out "chex". then one said double chex and another say triple chex
by TraumaQuadrion February 24, 2009
a cruise; a blunt cruise in the country where cops usually don't go: a ride in an automobile where marijuana is smoked by the passengers
Wife: where the fuck you been?!?
Husband: nowhere, I took a penelope with Seis Fifth and them. We smoked two Paris Hiltons and a Rosie O'Donell.
by TraumaQuadrion February 24, 2009