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syn for fu.CK. A forum board that centers around the word fu.CK (spelled like that). A lot of fun but currently suspeneded.
"Hey Chris, been on chewedkandi lately?"
by ThE:BiNKY:BaNDiT January 19, 2004
8 5
Location of a madd hot board (fu.CK) with kick ass members :]
Joe: Isn't fu.CK the shit?
Bob: fu.CK yeah!
by REWINDthat. June 29, 2004
10 5
An amazingly great place where we can meet extraordinary friends at its boards. Lovely host whose butt can go numb at times will entertain you greatly!
chewedkandi.net rocks my socks!
by Jenna June 29, 2004
4 4
chewedkandi = chewed candy
omgeez homiez i chewedkandi todai~*
by jan June 29, 2004
3 4
an original site with an awesome owner
your site is really chewedkandi!
by Anne August 02, 2003
4 6
To be amazingly cool and internet wise.
God, you are so ChewedKandi.
by K September 13, 2003
2 8