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An actually quite reliable and roomy car manufactured by General Motors. Ok. Maybe you people say that it's worse than Camaro or Silverado, but can you noobs quit talking shit about it? God! Just think, what the bloody fuck did the fucking car do to you???
The chevy malibu is a class leader.
by Cummy worm August 10, 2010
The only car known to mankind to actually cause it's owner/driver to become LESS cool and more of a pussy every single fucking mile it is driven.
"I thought the dude was OK....."
"Are you fucking kidding me,man? He drives a Chevy Malibu!!"
by Jim V June 15, 2006
When a man is releasing excrement and receiving oral pleasures by a man or a female. The Chevy Malibu is the final moment when you poop and ejaculate at the same time.
"After dinner at a Bill's Burrito Hut with my girlfriend, my girlfriend was horny while i was taking a shit; therefore the Chevy Malibu was preformed"
by Batman D Superman April 16, 2008
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