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noun: an attractive older woman with gray hair, e.g. a cougar who has decided to not to use hair dye. Often times slightly older than a typical cougar.
Man, she's hot and I love her gray hair. She's more than just a cougar, she's a silverado!
by curdog June 10, 2009
The most amazing combination of silver and green. Creating a breath taking foot-sweeping silverado colour
Woah! That leprechaun's button is totally silverado!
by theRoney November 25, 2008
NOUN- A high powered vehicle, capable of supersonic speeds, used by uber n3wbs who dont just drive a GMC or a dodge, may be used to transport wood, groceries(CHIPS), mexicans, antiques, or ONE space shuttle.

VERB- to get rid of an object at ridiculous rates of speed

MAXIMUM NIGS: *check towing capacity*
MAXIMUM JEWS: depends on ashtray size
~antiques may need bubble rap
~constant use may cause carpel tunnel symdrome
Get out of my party jew, or im going to have to SILVERADO you to aushwitz.

I gotta change my tires twice a month 'cause of all dem niggas tied to the back of my SILVERADO.
by mike hunters November 23, 2006
Truck driven by fat redneck losers who couldn't afford a decent truck. Usually will be living with their mothers.

Redneck aspiration vehicle.
Loser wants to drive a crappy silverado.
by Mike "Loser" Rehmeyer October 30, 2008
The truck poor lower income or working class men drive who live in their moms basement.
Loser has a silverado. Way cool.
by Lobeet, March 21, 2008