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Any act of copulation involving blood, including (but not limited to):

- fucking while the girl is menstruating
- stabbing somebody and then fucking the wound
- stabbing somebody and then fucking them normally but getting their blood all over each other
- stabbing yourself and then fucking
- stabbing a third party and then fucking
- having a blood orgy
- any combination of the above
That was one bloody fuck alright.
by the letter d October 07, 2007
A alcoholic beverage made from 1/4 apple sours 1/4 cherry sours 1/4 ameretto and 1/4 of your tropical juice of choice. After drinking this drink your first reaction is "Bloody fuck that's good"
Lad 1 "Hey man what drinks have we got"
Lad 2 " well try this and see what you think"
Lad 1 " BLOODY FUCK that's strong but damn tasty"
by TingOnTing April 20, 2015
to fuck during menstration
see...i told to you that we shouldnt of bloody fucked...its all over my cock
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
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