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cheryl is a big headed girl who is totally self obsessed, she is a gold digger and is very shallow. She makes some very irrational decisions no matter how bad the consequences may be. cheryl may also mean retarded, spasticated or just quite special.
Oh my god your such a cheryl!

Have you seen that girl, she is such a cheryl!

What is up with you today, you are acting so cheryl?!
by hhmmmmm ? April 13, 2009
93 388
A person of true beauty. A girl with such a kind personality that anyone will simply fall in love with. A Cheryl will help anyone out without hesitation. They have trusting blue eyes and large bussoms.
That Cheryl just saved 100 children!
by bobosa911 August 05, 2006
1834 718
A compromise..
A girl with a kind personality who will poop on your windshield if you get on her bad side
She seemed kind, but shes just a cheryl
by Thatsme June 08, 2007
909 645
A Cheryl.
Amazing, very odd, very obnoxious, girl. She is a very kind person and is always for an adventure. She expresses her self differently then many others do. She has a beautiful personality with a beautiful face along with, like total BABE! although she may sound the girl you always dreamed off, she could be the most biggest bitch if on her bad side.
"Damnnnnn, Check her out! what a cheryl!"
by yeboi June 27, 2009
582 407
A girl someone will never forget

because of the unforgettable things she does or says

, Beautiful,very outgoing, lovable !
very good listener& advice giver,
puts others before herself,
always on time, never forgets anything,
& if you get on her bad side , dont's mess with her bc
"Cheryl is simply amazing!"
by shmukkums February 06, 2010
416 266
cheryl is a wonderful brunette. one who is nice and kind, and someone who Everyone Should love. Don't miss your chance to take pride in knowing a Cheryl!
Wow, you're so strange, but I love you, since you're Cheryl!
by Jean DeLarosa February 02, 2010
445 332
A woman (most likely blonde) with an extremely energetic, effervescent, and outgoing personality who everybody loves and wants to be around. She is the life and soul of every group she graces with her presence.
Wow, she is an amazing person! She must be a Cheryl.
by ThasMe August 27, 2013
40 22
Date's two guys at the same time
Your dating 2 guys at once!? Your such a Cheryl
by vampdt89 May 28, 2013
26 48