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a cheryl is someone that definitely likes to party.. she is a lot of fun for about half of the night - although she doesnt really notice when shes outstayed her welcome.. this can become a problem and usually ends up with the cheryl being thrown out on the sidewalk ..

other than that .. i suggest finding a cheryl to be your friend... they are known to be very pretty and enjoy cuddling A LOT :)
GIRL 1 (usually a megan) - what's that cheryl still doing here ?

GUY 2 - i dunno, ill get her out of here
by FRENETICA February 04, 2010
126 254
A bit of undigested corn that appears in the toilet after a massive diarreah dump.
The night after the barbecue, Simon noticed a great deal of Cheryl in the toilet. "Man, I must have eaten a lot of corn," he thought to himself.
by Bazinga Girl February 13, 2010
132 295
A brash vixen who tries to sleep with her friend's husbands, because she knows she could never get some one so handsome and rich for herself.
"Don't leave that girl alone with your husband... she's a Cheryl!"
by ShirleyV February 05, 2010
93 264
To make a big deal about forgetting or losing something only to find it in a very, and often embarrassingly obvious place. Often done with alcohol, keys, cigarettes and/or joints while under the influence of one or several substances.

"To pull a cheryl"
Hallie pulled a cheryl when she claimed for about an hour that her vodka should be in her purse, only to find it later in her coat pocket where she had put it for safekeeping.
by Jodi Marie January 20, 2008
215 416
The act of vomiting in a public place with no warning.
We were all having a fun time at the cocktail party when all of a sudden Bill leaned over and Cheryled all over the table!
by Mr. Poopyspoon November 08, 2009
94 325
cheryl is a big headed girl who is totally self obsessed, she is a gold digger and is very shallow. She makes some very irrational decisions no matter how bad the consequences may be. cheryl may also mean retarded, spasticated or just quite special.
Oh my god your such a cheryl!

Have you seen that girl, she is such a cheryl!

What is up with you today, you are acting so cheryl?!
by hhmmmmm ? April 13, 2009
95 398
A Crack head beast, someone who is nasty.
That is such a cheryl!
by freak nasty565 May 19, 2008
150 479