A nice girl, very beautiful. Can sometimes be a bit of a bitch and selfish.
That girls such a cheryl
by therealtruth___ April 06, 2015
If you meet a Cheryl run far away! She will take from you until you finally wise up and see what a crumb-snatcher she is. Cheryl's hate themselves and blame everyone else for their problems and then act like they are these great happy people. A Cheryl will pout until she gets what she wants and she will steal from you.
Cheryl, is a such a crumb snatching bottom feeder! She tried to steal my winning lottery tickets! UGH!!!
by trixie28 April 13, 2015
Cheryls are quite the promiscuous type. Usually out in bars and clubs looking for their next male companion for the night they usually come home with one male companion but do prefer a couple of male companions to aid their sexual desires. Cheryls love large cocks to help fulfil their slutty natures. Usually travelling from town to town when talent in the one place gets boring it dries up. Guys live Cheryl the slut because she allows them to live their filthiest little fantasies. Ladies should watch their man when Cheryl is around, she extremely attractive and extremely sexy with large breasts and an arse to die for. She will usually always get her man and the huge cock she wants!
Girl 1: where is your man, Cheryl just walked in the room and she is always looking for new cock

Girl 2: oh no, quick help me find him before it's too late!
by Noddy July 26, 2014
Date's two guys at the same time
Your dating 2 guys at once!? Your such a Cheryl
by vampdt89 May 28, 2013
a cheryl is someone that definitely likes to party.. she is a lot of fun for about half of the night - although she doesnt really notice when shes outstayed her welcome.. this can become a problem and usually ends up with the cheryl being thrown out on the sidewalk ..

other than that .. i suggest finding a cheryl to be your friend... they are known to be very pretty and enjoy cuddling A LOT :)
GIRL 1 (usually a megan) - what's that cheryl still doing here ?

GUY 2 - i dunno, ill get her out of here
by FRENETICA February 04, 2010
A bit of undigested corn that appears in the toilet after a massive diarreah dump.
The night after the barbecue, Simon noticed a great deal of Cheryl in the toilet. "Man, I must have eaten a lot of corn," he thought to himself.
by Bazinga Girl February 13, 2010
A brash vixen who tries to sleep with her friend's husbands, because she knows she could never get some one so handsome and rich for herself.
"Don't leave that girl alone with your husband... she's a Cheryl!"
by ShirleyV February 05, 2010

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