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Police squad car (the falshing lights up top)
The po is coming in their cherry tops
by Ted Cobbles May 28, 2003
30 13
the mudda truckin po po's! DA POLICE!
cherry tops lets cheese it
by dice October 07, 2003
15 4
Police. Cops.

It is never used in a good way; It is almost always used by gangsters who hear/see the police coming to break up their illegal activity.
"Let's beat it, here come the cherrytops!"
by Rodney Basil May 05, 2004
10 1
Outdated term for the police. So called because in some areas, the flashing lights on top of police vehicles were red-only (as opposed to red and blue).
Yo man, cherry-tops! Everybody scramble!
by Z. Hughes August 13, 2005
7 2
pigs, 5-0
book it! Cherry Tops!
by Spaztastic Derek February 07, 2004
11 7