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Used to describe a sexual act wherein a male partner lays on the ground and jerks himself off, while his female partner stands above his head and waits for him to bust on his own face, before proceeding to allow her period blood to drip on top, creating the proverbial "cherry-topped sundae".
"I was on my rag, so Flowrida asked me to give him a cherry topped sundae, instead of the regular rusty trombone routine."
by FallsGirl April 12, 2009
A term used to describe the need to fuck anyone in site after being completely chemically mind-fucked by a run in with a hot person's pheromones.
"I ran into Shaaty on Tuesday and I was so totally blown away by his hotness that I had a pheroboner for the rest of the day!"
by FallsGirl April 12, 2009
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