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Something good that follows a series of other fortunate events.

A kicker
surburban home: like cherry on top
surburban home: c.o.t. feeling
surburban home: like you went to lunch at a good restaurant, went to a show that night, met the band THEN come home and find out kevin got fired
surburban home: cherry on top
by IanMacThreat August 08, 2005
n., the sexual act of spiraling whipped cream around a female's nipple, then biting the nipple in order to make it a bead of blood, forming the "cherry" (often a rite of passage for British royalty)
1. Prince William and Princess Kate are horny blokes. They often make a cherry on top when they feel extra sodding kinky.
2. My girlfriend is feeling adventurous. She wants to try to put a cherry on top tonight.
by JustAnAverageBloke June 10, 2013