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1. A word used as an insult to a person after they say or do something that was meant to be humorous, but no one reacts to it or laughs. If someone is "chenzed" and another person claims to have laughed at the joke, that person can declare a "double chenz" on the original "chenzer" overriding the initial insult.
2. A word used to describe a person who is notorious for telling jokes that no one laughs at.
Boy 1: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Boy 2: "Why?"
Boy 1: "Why don't you just ask it?"
Boy 2: "...Chenz."
Boy 3: "I laughed. Double chenz."
Boy 2: "No, you didn't! Triple chenz!"
by Abileoni December 11, 2013
Noun: (Ch-ENS) A person, usually of Italian nationality, who expresses his knowledge of random information, good food, and Italian traditions freely.

ALT- Verb: to chenz- To expell correct information of Italian traditions and food.

ALT- Pronoun- Same as noun definition only used much less frequently.

Popular(Albiet steriotipical) examples of "Chenzs"- The Fonz, Rockie Balboa, and Michael Corleone.
Noun- Chenz, tell us about how to spice up that gravy for the dinner tonight.
Verb- Dude, you've been chenzing about this pasta for a half an hour!
Pronoun- That chot guy over there is such a Chenz!
by Dr. McSexy April 07, 2009

Used to describe people or persons that try to act tough. Usually of an Italian descent. Shirt's opened more that two buttons, spikey hair (3" or more high) with mini fade, use of italian words in wrong context, and freshley "fake" tanned skin are all signs of a "chenz".
Look at that guy wareing his sunglasses in the bar, when clearly its dark, what a chenz!

Why is that guy polishing his shoes in the bathroom, or why does he even have a mini polisher in his pocket......what a chenz!
by rrrrrrrrrrr February 03, 2007
(n.) A 'Chenz' is basically the sexiest person in the room no matter what room he is in. Even if that room is populated entirely by Chenzs, the women will immediately flock towards him. His penis is widely mistaken for a 20 ft python and has therefore led to his forced removal from several upscale swimming clubs and more than a few private parties. The F.D.A considers his penis an approved substance for daily consumption and tests are being conducted to confirm it's aptitude in fortifying strong bones and muscle regeneration.

Contrary to popular belief, A Chenz does not have "washboard abs". Instead he has "Washing Machine abs" which, while slightly less attractive, are much more functional.
A Chenz's face must be declared as a Lethal Weapon at most International airports as it has the fatal ability to stop women in their tracks and cause them to literally drown in their own lust. Winston Churchill was once quoted as saying "His face looks as if it was hand chiseled by Michelangelo himself."
At first the band wondered where all of their groupies went, but then they heard a Chenz had arrived a half hour prior to the show.
Did you hear what happened to that Chenz we met? Last night he almost died under a mountain of swedish supermodels again.
by DoctorMcSexypants July 17, 2011

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