the new scene "trend" where mostly london kids sport scene hair like black & white, and combine it with chav favs like Nike & Adidas. They talk like chavs cause it's "well gangsta like tbh"..... even tho they're often middle-class/were victimized by chavs at school.

typical chemo myspace about me:

Eeeee, Rosie Rave

I'm safe as

ma life's mint atm

Lambrini in one hand, fag in tha other, ta

Gold earrings + Nike = dead fit

Gettin crunk & shaggin are propa niiice liek

But dnt call me a slag yer cunt

scenester: omg Sam Strange AP, let's go to that arty Frou Frou gig.

chemo: nah bruv alloooow it mayte, i'd rather see bmth tbf.

scenester: why not bby?

chemo: oli's well fittt liek lolz, propa br00t4l!
by kittttayyyy October 22, 2007
Top Definition
Chemo: A hybrid of the classic stereotypes "Chav" and "Emo" When mixed together you get a "Chemo" a "Chav" who dresses like an "emo" but still has "Chav" tendancies.

I created this goddamn word AGES ago.
"Oh mate i love you black rimmed glasses init mush"
by Matty Boy Haribo August 15, 2005
A chemo is somebody who is a combination between a chav and an emo. They are as bad as both, in "fashion" sence and in their behaviour.
A chemo, scum of the earth of course. Worse than both an emo and chav, they're the worst of the worst.
Chav, emo, chemo
by BT Nexus April 21, 2006
The Royal Latin year 10 GCSE pe's groups national anthem, created by sheyi, celebrating the glorious CHEMO
CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMOO, CHEMO, stevestevestevestevestevestevestevesteve, CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMO, WHO DO WE HATE, TOTTENHAM, WHY DO WE HATE THEM, COZ THEY'RE SHIT, we hate Tottenham, we hate Tottenham, we hate Tottenham, we hate Tottenham.
(OPTIONAL EXTRA) WHO DO WE HATE, SHEYI, WHY DO WE HATE HIM, COZ HE'S BLACK, we hate shey-i, we hate shey-i, we hate shey-i, we hate shey-i.
A cross between an emo and a chav. The most common type of chemo tend to listen to 'emo music' such as MCR and Fallout Boy, but still dress chavy. (longsdale hoodies, trackies ect...)
The less existant type is the opposite, a person with a chav personality that dresses emo.
Chemo's dont usually slit their wrists and its seen to extreme.
A chemo can be a chav dresser that listens to emo music, or the other way round.
by curlypopz March 10, 2007
Chavs that have followed the trend of recent times and have metamorphed into emos. Part of this being attending communal self-harm sessions, and hating life.... but still wearing Burberry for Girls Perfume/carrying a crowbar.

So Chavvy Emos. Who would have thought these two worlds could collide?
- Have you ever seen this person? They dress eclectically, have Fallout Boy and Sean Paul on the same playlist, and cannot decide whether they want to harm others or harm themselves.
If a teacher shouts at them they are unsure whether to go home and cry black tears, or take out their flick-blade and get themselves two years in juvy.
by Clarch September 19, 2006
Short term for chemotherapy.
Smokin' them goddamn cigarettes.
Pack a day for 40 years.
Yeah , she doesn't want anything
to do with , uh ...chemo.
by Lord Gyurex October 02, 2007
Pronounced: Chee-Moe; From the words: Chav and Emo

A contradictory soul who tries to be emo, but can't deny his chav roots. Or vice versa.

"That guy's wearing Burberry Converse"
"What a chemo"
by Meaner With The Scenery January 14, 2007

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