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Lambrini is cheapo wine that is around 7% and its only about £2.00 Mainly drunk by chavs because they cant afford any decent sort of bevarage.
wow you have 12 bottles of wine how much did that cost?

'£24 bargain and its well nice! its lambrini'
by zoopzooptroop December 24, 2008
lambrini is a cheap wine that chavs and chavettes hang around outside hop doorways for us innocent victims er i mean shoppers to go in and buy it for them lambrella is 99p a litre nad lambrini is £1.49 a litre it tastes like cat piss and is no nicer when you throw it back up.
"ger us a ltr of me missies fave innit!"
female: "i it is like then we can av fun innit jezza."
by -XXX- January 29, 2005
An Alcoholic (7%abv) Pear Cider (or Perry) mostly drunk by females who claim to be classy, however after a bottle, they will be humping anything with a pulse or evacuating all their bodily fluids outside the nightclub/bar that they were at.

The Drink's moto is "Lambrini Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" this usually leading to previous mentioned scenarios.

Watch MTV's (uk) The Valleys for a full visual look of The Lambrini Girl type
Michelle: Jen you are drunk and you just gave that absolute munter your number.
Jen: Yeah well Lambrini Girls just wanna have fun. *Proceeds to Whitey *
by zander650 June 30, 2013
an alcoholis beverage which is cheap but good =]
mostly consumed by lightweights.
Kirsty: Melissa are you drunk
Melissa: Yes iv had 2 glasses of lambrini
by Kirsty & Sarah June 16, 2007
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