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Often used instead of hello by polo wearing, pop collars, tiffany wearing girls.
Girl: What the flip are you even doing?
Other girl: I mean chello isn't it obvi!?
by bob April 14, 2005
The ultimate combination of relaxed words.

Chill + Mello = Chello
A: Yo dude, just smoked a gram blunt of granddaddy purp, I'm so high.

B: Dude, that's fucking chello.
by poppasmurfbuckets March 28, 2010
a patronising way to say hello often involving the obvious relation to a CHELLO. as used on popular film school of rock-said by the legend jack black
1)see this bass? well turn it over and chello! you got yourself a double bass!
2)pot? now? chello! its monday morning!
by esther.L and Nell.C (the foxes) February 19, 2005
Word used to point out something strange or obvious
Guy: (points at a thong hanging out of a girl's pants)

Other Guy: Chello there
by djtheman July 16, 2005
This is a word used to reffer to Mexican people or people for a Latin origin, usually this is an offencive term
That chello bitch took my dollar

you fuckin chello motherfucker

Look at all these damn chellos there everywere
by Johnny Forskin May 16, 2008
Hello! what the hell are you talking about?
Ben H:Brandon will you make out with me?
Brandon:CHELLO! I'm not a queer like you!
by BGregory19 November 09, 2006
Chello is a word that is used my elderly pplz and younger ones that do not know how to say "Michelle"
this word has cought on to menny ado's who now call me Chello
Hey chello, hows it going?...
instead of...
Hey Michelle, hows it going?...
by Michelle February 10, 2005
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