Top Definition
To smoke Marijuana, joint, Blunt, Bong whatever
I was cheifin last night got high as a motherfucka
by Woods November 08, 2003
Smoking weed, gettin high as a mother fucker.
I been cheifin and getting drunk
by Zeffy April 25, 2003
To smoke buddha from a bong, pipe, water bong, bong, Bubbler, bowl,4 footer, hokkah, Foiley, Gravity Bong, J,or Spliff.

(To get High)
I be Cheifin mad bud tonight!
by popdatshit March 28, 2006
when you get the blunt and smoke half of it and don't wanna give the shit back
damn you cheifin
pass the fuckin blunt dog, you cheifin
he cheifin that blunt
we were cheifin today
by bashanda,candIce February 07, 2009
the act of bubba not passin the L,

one not passin the blunt an talkin like a soap opra
bubba u done had that bitch for a minut wit your cheifin ass
by stretchtallis August 25, 2009
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