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a 4 foot bong, use to get ballers high, currently in the woods missing his bowl, possibly sufferin from frost bite, caution: only for pro's
how can i have 4 feet of smoke in my lungs?
by douggy November 18, 2002
It is a 4 foot bong (waterpipe for you headshop fiends) usually made out of acrylic or glass. Hits like a champ and gets you blasted in a rip. VERY VERY VERY hard to transport, If you must transport, it will fit in any standard trunk. Yeah its that big!
Me: Yooo where the 4 footer at, not tryna rip that bitchass bowl!
Kent: But my moms coming home in like 5 minutes.
Me: Fuck it! That bitch can rip with us!
Kent: Nah Bro
#pussyass #kent #fat janet #bitches #weed
by ishmane4 May 15, 2013
A big massive penis.... usually used for a pogo stick
Dude, i been bouncing on my 4 footer lately....
by Spencer January 05, 2004
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