Literally means "Chief" in French and has nothing to do with cooking except for the fact that the "Chief of Food" at a restaurant is called the Chef de Cuisine or Chef for short.

Americans do make the mistake of equating a Chef with a Cook, which clearly must piss of any Non-Cooking French Chef...we should therefore keep up the good work.

Also, since a Chef is a "French Chief" and Chief is commonly used as a derisive moniker (a la sport, boss, my friend, jefe, etc), calling someone a Chef can be quite an aggressive insult in certain circles.

Also, a term of the utmost respect depending on context
Chef, nice work picking up that smokin hottie last night. I hope you closed that shit

Chef there is something floating in my water, can I have a clean glass please. On second thought, I don't want this cack'd up tap water, please bring me some bottled, no gas please.

Thanks, Chef (very context specific)

Yo Chef, long time no speak. How are the kids?
by Mike_I April 24, 2008
a major pothead. stemming from them "baking" all the time.
Man, that kid is such a chef.
by obsessively obsessed May 22, 2007
One who tosses salad well. A master at rim jobbing.
Dam chef, that shit made my toes curl!
by skimoney October 25, 2004
french word for "boss" or "chief".
Not to be mistaken with the american
word "chef", which seems to mean
Mr Dunham is my chef, i work for him.
by kegdude May 26, 2004
a sharpshooter
The fuckin' chef got Tyrone good, said his mother.
by James May 26, 2003
Dried Gravy On Ones Face. (Pronounced with a hard CH)
Hey You Seem Too have some chef on your Face
by Samuel Anaya December 24, 2005
A word used when in moods of great of ultimate satisfaction, or in some cases used as a substitute for other words.
ohh chef, that cunt got smoked good
you fucking chef, get a clue
by chef March 19, 2003
Went looking for some mangos and found a tiger. Got his head cut off by Marlon Brando's goons
The Horror...The Horror...
by Dillon Farnum December 17, 2004

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