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An Xbox 360 Achievement.
Man, you got the "Zombie Genocidest" cheevo on Left 4 Dead? That must have taken forever!
by Dexter345 January 21, 2009
147 42
A stupid way of referring to the achievements you get on Xbox 360. Mostly used by an achievement whore.
Achievement Whore: Dude, I need help getting the Mongoose Mowdown cheevo.

Other Person: You mean achievement? What is a cheevo?
by iduncurr July 20, 2010
136 44
Plural form cheevo of which is short for achievement. Used to refer to achievements earned thru various games on the Xbox360 and other platforms, such as iOS.

Not to be confused with gamerscore which is earned from achievements
"I have earned all the cheevos from this game for all 1000 GS!"
by Corsair80 November 12, 2012
37 5
A video game achievement or meta-goal defined outside of a game's parameters.
How many cheevos have you gotten in COD Blops 2?
by udman334 June 09, 2013
1 2
to projectile vomit all over a pub table and most of the floor in the immediate area leaving a quarter inch coat on everything in its path, particularly on a persons arm. then wiping it into a bucket with your arm.
scott cheevo'ed all over me and andy so we pushed him in a stagnant watered sewerage creek. god i hope he gets aids.
by eddie von krappin August 03, 2007
20 129