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Person who acquires XBOX 360 console games for the soul purpose of getting all of the achievements for that game to gain gamerscore.
Dude, have you seen nick's gamerscore? It is hella high.

yeah, he is such a fuckin' achievement whore.
by Masonlolkthx November 05, 2007
155 46
someone who plays games for the purpose of maxing out the gamerscore of his account
Seb is such an Achievement Whore like tristan.
by clongetty January 06, 2009
76 24
someone who plays xbox 360 games just for ahievements.
He's playing Meet the Robinsons again? What an Achievement Whore
by Alex Briggs January 10, 2008
78 35
a person who only plays their xbox 360 console to gain achievements, and increase their gamerscore.
Man bob is a huge Achievement-Whore his gamerscore is 30,000G
by Magical Bread November 15, 2008
38 5