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Some obnoxious kid on YouTube who tries to be funny by speeding up his voice and making it high pitched. All he does is talk about random stuff in that annoying-ass voice the whole time. And yes, I've watched it and it is awful. I honestly do not know how people think this garbage is funny.
Person1: Hey, do you wanna go on YouTube. I think there's a new Fred video up.
Person2: No way, Fred sucks. He isn't even funny, he's just annoying.
by iduncurr January 29, 2009
An evil form of magic that only the best of sorcerers can master. Not only does it involve numbers, but letters (mostly x and y). They somehow rearrange themselves into supposedly simpler forms of themselves. I don't know how because I have not mastered the dark magic of algebra yet, nor do I intend to. Teachers try to teach you formulas to learn the magic, but half the time it would only take a true sorcerer to know what's going on.
Teacher: Today in algebra, we will be learning about simplifying fractions. Simplify the following problem:
10x/3x2 + 4/x-1 + 5/6x

Me: *Head explodes trying to comprehend the magic involved*
by iduncurr May 21, 2009
What was once a solid FPS has since become the most overrated video game franchise ever. Activision is just riding off of the massive success from Call of Duty 4 and has been selling virtually the same game ever since. For those of you that don't know, CoD 4 came out in 2007.

However, it is the mindless kids' fault that the CoD series is where it is at today, since they will buy anything with the Call of Duty logo on it.

As a result, the CoD franchise is beginning to suffer the same fate as the Guitar Hero series, meaning that it is losing it's luster due to the fact that a new game is released every single year. It is only a matter of time before the CoD series dies out.
Call of Duty is the Guitar Hero of FPS. Activision just can't stop milking that cash cow.
by iduncurr January 01, 2012
YET another sorry excuse of a singer. She is most well known for her shitty single, Tik Tok, which is the worst song I have ever heard. What is worse is that it became the most downloaded song on iTunes ever. How the hell does that happen? I can't listen to that song for more than 5 seconds without wanting to gouge my eyes out. And you know she thinks she's the shit because the way she spells her name. C'mon, who puts a freakin' $ in their name? It is no talent singers like Ke$ha that make today's music horrible.
Dumbass: liek omg i haev to download Ke$ha's song off itunes rite now!!!1 she is sooo talented!! I <3 Ke$ha!!!!!!!11

Intelligent person: Please kill yourself.
by iduncurr February 25, 2010
A terrible excuse for a singer. She is the owner of the abomination known as Poker Face, which has to be one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Why is it that 99% of all musical artists these days have absolutely no talent? It is all about looks and image. All the music is created by computers and studio editing. Just go to a concert for a band of today. The singing is awful and the music is usually a recording or the people playing the music aren't the main part of the band. People just like this kind of music so they can be "popular" and like the popular songs just to fit in.
person1: I went to the Lady Gaga concert yesterday.
person2: How was it?
person1: I thought it was a different singer, it sounded nothing like her.
person2: That's studio editing for you.
by iduncurr April 16, 2009
Acronym for Children's Online Daycare. Also goes by the less-used name, Call of Duty.
COD is the Children's Online Daycare. Just give your kid a controller, and let COD do the rest. No parenting required.
by iduncurr August 11, 2012
Way better than Grand Theft Auto IV will ever be. So many things to do like Mayhem, Chop Shop, Escort, FUZZ, Trail Blazer, that's only a few of them. There's so many cool vehicles like the UFO, some cool boats and yes, planes! And the cops don't start going after you for doing the littlest of things like in GTA IV and they don't kill you in 2 seconds. Vehicles are much easier to drive and just plain and simple, Saints Row 2 is so much better than Grand Theft Auto IV.
What you can do in Saints Row 2: Activities such as Chop Shop, Snatch, Trail Blazing, FUZZ, Septic Avenger, Mayhem... the list goes on and on.
What you can do in GTA IV: Kill cops, people, fly helicopters, drive around. Yeah, not that much. Oh yeah you can do all of these things in SR2 as well.
by iduncurr January 15, 2009

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