Someone who makes hand and mouth gestures like "oooo!" and holds your chin.

by Matthew Kerr April 14, 2006
A slang term for a cheese slicer.
Hey, where the fuck is the cheeser? I want some cheese and crackers. Slices!
by Kristina Funke February 20, 2006
a person with abnormally large buc teef whose upper lip is too short to cover them.
"alex is such a cheeser, she looks like a rat"
by Mansonite4life May 14, 2005
A person who lives in Wancheese, NC. These people do nothing but hunt and fish. They wear fishing boots 24-7 and marry their cousins.
You are such a damn Cheeser.
by Scott March 09, 2005
An uncircumcised individual
tyler is a cheeser
by some_guy174 December 29, 2009
someone who farts cheesy.
I saw a cheeser the other day and fuck, did he ever smell cheesy. If you're a cheeser, stay the fuck away from me!
by bread infection October 22, 2005
A totally hot little chickie that you just want to grab and bang the friggin hell out of.
Dude, check out those cheesers over there!
by irvinesucks August 25, 2007

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