Nickname for a stupid fat kid.
Look at "Cheese Log" over there trying to do a push up.
by hollywoodhorror June 05, 2006
Top Definition
More commenly known as a woodlouse. If you are unsure of what a woodlouse is then they are the little grey bugs with loads of legs that roll up into a ball when you flick them.
Also partial to damp.
There is a cheeselog family living in my bathroom.
by Chrissybabes23 May 24, 2005
A common yellow school bus
The damn cheese log is late again!!
by smudja April 07, 2006
drizzling spray cheese on a penis and then gobbling it up!
OK, so last night I gave my boyfriend a cheese log!! It was full of messy creamy goodness, not to mention the protein and calcium intake.
by Ben Mercer September 05, 2010
1. A huge Shit thats makes your pants feel looser.

2. A shit so big it clogs the toilet.

3. Word your man uses to describe the shit he just took.
Man you should come look at this cheese log i just made.
by stevesgirl June 14, 2008
The most Heavenly food known to man. Pretty much a chocolate log, but made with cheese!
Duuude, that cheeselog rocked
by Dirtster January 25, 2004

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