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When a girl is giving you a blowjob and she uses too much teeth (or any teeth) so you moan a little because of the pain and so she thinks she is doing a good job and keeps going! But you don't want here to stop, so you let her keep going and keep moaning and the vicious cycle continues!
Man, last night I let some bogan bitch suck my cock and she put me through the cheese grater!
by davy_boy May 26, 2007
The name for a female who has braces and upon performing fellatio shreds her mans mozzarella stick.
Thanks for sticking me with cheesegrater last night guys, now I can't hold on to my dick to piss today.
by Pooty-Poo December 08, 2006
A Mac Pro or Power Mac G5, so-called because the front of the computer has holes and a handle that make it look like a cheese grater.
I booted up the cheese grater and started Firefox.
by blenheimears January 17, 2013
a bitch wit braces that gives head and cuts yo penis
Dun get wit that bitch, she's a cheese grater.
by e dog April 28, 2004
Depending of hetero or homo sexual, having the sex partner suck your dick while gently sliding his or her teeth up and down your cock.
After the prom you and your girlfriend are trying to do work. To get hard your girl not only sucks your dick but slides her teeth up and down your dick putting pressure on the dick making it hard as rock. If your girlfriend does this, she is giving you the Cheese Grater.
by Bill McHugh February 08, 2008
Similar to a "beandip", but for skinny or regular sized people.
After many years of taking thousands of beandip's to the manboob from his skinny friend Dylan, Gino finally took revenge against him by scooping Dillon's nipple with his hand and then shouting "Cheese Grater!!!"
by Don Gino October 16, 2009
one who gives head who is also endowed with braces
she sucked me off, but what a cheesegrater!
by Bumnasty Burger January 20, 2005
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