Take off you drawers
and drop to your knees
gonna pull out my dick
and fill you with cheese
by A.Nuss December 04, 2010
1). Used in red light boredom situations in which the cheese-master makes the car directly next to it roll down their window like they are asking for directions. But, instead of asking for directions, the cheese-master tells the person in the other car that there is "cheese" on the floor next to their car in order to receive "lullz-on-the-go." The cheese-master can also say that there is cheese on the other car's tires to maximize lullz after repeated use.

2). This process can also be used when walking around in high traffic areas to gain "lullz-on-foot."
Cheese-Master: "excuse me sir, (honk) (honk)....."

Driver of Bait Car: "yes, how may i help you sir?"

Cheese-Master: "yo, you got some cheese on your tires, you might lose traction."

Driver of Bait Car: (head out the window looking at tire)

A). "oh really, thanks sir, the world needs more people like you."


B). "screw you, you're just trying to get me to look down at my car so you can Shadow-smack me."
by shadow-smack May 18, 2010
grilled cheese is my favourite food
by poopjgughj November 28, 2009
Very yummy food.
I like cheese.
by dsfanatic June 14, 2009
the most addictive food in the world. it's like a drug... but cheesier....
I need cheese!
by chippergal February 05, 2009
heroin cut with diphenhydramine like cold medicines like Tylenol PM
Is she selling cheese.
Queso te mata. (cheese will kill you)
by ammal September 06, 2008
In gambling terms, refers to the money you are up by. In other words you bought in for $500 and you have a stack of $1200 in front of you. You have $700 in cheese.
I played 5/5 over at the Mirage last weekend. I bought in twice for $500 but cashed out at $4000. Three gs in cheese not bad for a day's work.
by Susan G$ Garlington May 30, 2008

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