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plural form of anus
Congress is full of ani.
by A.Nuss February 14, 2012
a much larger than normal bowel movement
Man, I must have lost 10 pounds after that bowlbuster!
by A.Nuss November 16, 2011
Take off you drawers
and drop to your knees
gonna pull out my dick
and fill you with cheese
by A.Nuss December 04, 2010
a prostitute
In Atlantic City,one hits the casinos, has a few drinks and

then finds a hot cockjockey to round out the night.
by A.Nuss February 11, 2012
Title honoring one who is notorious for very pugent flatulence.
Wow,boss,after that fart I declare you Chief Brown Cloud!
by A.Nuss February 11, 2012
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