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orange snacks made with synthetic cheese powder and some kind of addictive additive which leaves you with orange fingers and a stomach full of sodium.
does anybody have some cheese curls? I've been playing video games all day and i'm pretty famished
by doodletwist January 30, 2009
8 1
the act of shaping your index and middle fingers into what resembles a delicious delectable curl of cheese and then proceeding to be thrust it up the bunghole of the nearest attractive broad.
Tisha: "Ah cracka what the fuck why you putting yo stank finga in my play hole!?"

L'Garrette: "Girl thats a cheese curl, daddy finna split you wit da lincoln log soon enuf"
by Jaxed Up March 27, 2010
31 12
A gesture in which one person (usually a female) takes two fingers and puts them under and behind another person's (male) testicles.
"omg. did you just cheesecurl him??" "yes, yes i did."
by eexxiitt March 19, 2009
4 3
the action of shoving your finger into someones butthole.

walking up behind your girlfriend and shoving that sucker right in there then saying cheese curl in a high pitched voice, if youd like.
by peytonnnnnn November 03, 2007
8 19
Large amount of money
Any thing you get from your product
We out here 4 da same reason tryin 2 move dis white girl
We give dem tha product they’ll give us da cheese curls
by grams July 18, 2006
2 13