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A perfectly square penis. (Derivation: "chode"-- a penis that is wider than it is long -- and "penis.")
When Michael's hand accidentally slipped off the table and onto Josh's lap, the fleeting impression of the bulge he felt led him to think that his friend must have a chode--but in reality it was more of a cheenis.
by threesixJim July 23, 2011
Cheeni means sugar. sweet like a mango.

Usually the name of a small girl with a big butt.

Cute face but strangely disproportionate
I want cheeni in my tea.
That girl is SO cheeni.
by Emptee February 04, 2010
The place between your butt chin, aka your chin butt crack
Guy 1: Whoa, did you see that? Demi Lovato has a piece of spinach in her cheenis!

Guy 2: Ew, gross! Why did she have surgery to get a cheenis, any way? thats so disgusting!
by Kimisie Lovesya January 16, 2011
a word that is too cool to have a meaning
suck my cheenis. (it doesn't mean anything, so it isn't an insult, but it sounds cool)
by the urban turban February 12, 2009
the chapped part of a weenis (elbow)
The man refused to moisturize his weenis, so it became a cheenis.
by ssssdsssds April 29, 2009
a penis with a cheese shaft
I prefer the swiss cheenis over the provalone.
by David Daise April 01, 2007
when a fat person weres there pants up to high and they have a cunt bumper.
cunt bumper
by dirk magurgen April 29, 2003
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