Someone who has no shame in doing something shameful or low class.
That cheeky hoe just walks right up and starts sucking his dick under the fukin table at the restaurant and the bitch didn't even know the nigga.
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Cheeky is a word used by english people like myself. 1. it is a word used to describe someone who does something or says something sort of disrespectful and sometimes rude, but says it in a cunning way. 2. can also be used in a more serious way i.e if you found out that one of your friends has been talking behind your back, you might say that she is a "cheeky bitch"
1. student says: miss, i like your sweat patches, i think they look nice against that lovely brown dress you are wearing today...

Teacher says: "dont be so cheeky"
by english gal July 23, 2003
Harry Styles.
"Who's the cheeky (est) in the X factor house?"

Immediate answer: "Harry Styles."
by Dedicated Directioner January 10, 2012
They're women's underwear cut to show off your "cheeks".
*girl bends over*
Dude: dang check out those cheekies!
Dude2: dammit! *gorilla walks to restroom*
by SomeDude357 April 09, 2010
This is a prefix, that is added onto anything that you are doing/having, without permission, when at work, or in some type of lesson, where rules are to be followed.
1) (when working outdoors) Scott, go and make us a cheeky-bru whilst the boss is havvin a shit!!!
2) Rite, i'l go and roll us a cheeky-joint in the toilet.
3) I had a cheeky-spliff at work, itz always better when ur not supposed 2 be doin it!!!
by Adz H January 10, 2006
Last few draws of a joint, said because its a cheek to give the person so little.
First person: "Want a draw of this mate, its cheekys though.
Second person: "you cheeky bastard!"

"Want cheekys on this mate"
by Cam & Coyle September 06, 2008
when you meet-n-greet your friends or family with a side-kiss, but really, you just touch cheeks and make the kissy sound
"Oh, hi!! *cheekies* I haven't seen you a while, how are you?"
by girl April 25, 2005
Being Cheeky isn't a action its a way of life, some people are born cheeky, some people achieve cheekiness and others have cheekiness thrust upon them, People who are cheeky usually come in groups of 4 or 5 best friends and they all rename themselves after characters of their favorite films, other activities of cheeky people is discuss how cheeky they are over Instant Messaging and over Xbox Live's VOIP, non cheeky people think all cheeky people just add the word "cheeky little _____" at the end of the sentence but its more then that, its the foundation to brotherhood, its the emphasis to friendship and the the anecdote to conversations that only cheeky people understand.

Cheeky Activities involve sending pictures to your cheeky friends and in some cases use a bitmap editor to edit photos to make them more funny (Photoshop), they also like to get shouted at by elderly women at a bus stop or just sing their favorite songs and replaces the words with cheeky and just have a good time in general.

Also some people think people who are cheeky are homosexuals so to clarify, Thiers a Difference between being Cheeky and being Creepy and thiers a Difference between being Homosexual and being A Cheeky Bit Gay because if its cheeky its fine.
Person 1: You Getting a Cheeky Little Coffee later?
Person 2: Yeah

Person 1: Cheeky Little Xbox?
Persons 2,3,4 and 5: Cheeky Little Xbox!!!!!!

Sometimes in life You got to be a little bit cheeky
by CheekyTweek88 February 05, 2014

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