1. A popular Family Guy line that can be overused, referring to Stewie's lines on PTV special "Cheeky Bastard"
2. Having the most luscious cheeks of the buttocks, well-deserved of poems, ballads, and passionate nights with or withour covers on bed.
3. A cunning genius or thing that even Superman is fond of.
1. Brian: "Where are those pork rinds?"
Stewie: "I don't know. They might be up some close crevice full of flavor."
Brian: "You cheeky bastard."
2. My Juliet, tis the cheekiest maiden
That I have been blessed to smack
My hands on...Twas a wonderful night
Of romping and thomping with you, my dear...
3. Superman: "I love Kryptonite so much, man, for all its drug-filled hipsters that whoop me around. Is that the shit or what! What a cheeky!
by Hipster Sweetness February 21, 2006
someone who is selfish or dont want to share; stengy.
stop being so cheeky with your stuff
by Jankeea February 29, 2008
Also known as Ego. Ego, you know who you are and you are CHEEKY!
Bette: "I have this really embarrasing story about myself and my friend, i met her when i was eleven or twelve ...."
Ego: "Yea, I suppose that would be a pretty embarrasing story"
Bette: "What, that I have known her since I was eleven or twelve?"
Ego: " Yea"
Bette: "You are sooo cheeky"
by BetteDavis May 17, 2010
refers to an individual who posses chubby facial features. this person is refered to as cheeky if and only if they have an abnormally chubby face with a regular body. simialiar to a bobble head.
damn that girl is cheeky.
by roro89 September 07, 2009
Selfish, only thinking of one's self self-absorbed,self-serving,unfair
Why don't we use your car gas is too high for me to drive,
That's cheeky
by Ackeda March 19, 2006
1. Someone of an impudent nature, often insolent or impertinent. 2. A person that makes offensively bold comments or actions. 3. A male with a small phallus.
Everyone turned Andy down because of his reputation for being cheeky
by xnerp November 29, 2003
The half pat, half stroke on the bum from someone you would like to be more than your friend.
Hey Deb, I got a little 'cheeky' yesterday from Paul. I guess it's as close as I'm gonna get to a fuck right now. FML.
by LuBaby October 09, 2009
meaning wicked cool, sweet, phat, sexy, lazy, sexual, provocative, inspiring, cool when not expected, interesting,
(say someone threw a knife and someone caught it, someone watching might say ... ) "Whoah, very cheeky..."
by The gate holder October 12, 2008
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