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Medical checkup. I kind of control routine.
John went to chekcup yesterday.
by elrafaargentino March 25, 2005
5 2
to look up information on someone you don't know through Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes referred to as "Facebook Stalking"
Sue: "What does his new girlfriend look like?"
Rita: "I don't know, let me check up on her."
by missb41183 February 25, 2012
6 0
To excecute or perform an act of incredible destructive force, or disrespect to ones persona.
“Damn! I spilt my drink on the floor.”

“You better clean that shit before I Check Up! you!”
by Juju Been February 01, 2010
1 5
the act of deep throating a girl to see how far your cock goes down her asophogus
damn man this girl was real great man i gave her a check up and she's 100 % okay to go.
by Berry and Danny June 18, 2006
6 41