A lady's norks
Possibly originates from chest bollocks
by Strat July 11, 2003
Someone of limited intelligence, an idiot.
Shut up you cheb.

Stop being such a fucking cheb.
by hy6e October 26, 2010
Originally a name for the female breast. Also a word used to describe Gav. However, its definition has become more generalised in recent years to capture a more comical impact. Furthermore cheb can now accommodate several different meanings in the same sentence. It is basically anything the user deems it to be. noun, verb, adverb, ajective.
Your a cheb ya cheb, We going down the cheb for a few pints of cheb, Show us your chebs, Alright chebby and Gav u are now officially a complete cheb.
by Christopher Dunagan April 02, 2008
A male Newcastle charva's word for their penis. One of the better words to come out of their shan lexicon. Has been adopted by the gay community, too, much to the grief of charvae who will now have to think of a new word.
'Suck me cheb'
by evelyn wuaghfare November 23, 2003
sharon your face is covered in chebs. you must be run down love. come here and tell me whats a matter.

Sharon. i think i have chebborrea
by drfreebs August 07, 2011
A person that pretends someone has blackmailed him or her, usually in attempt to:

-Make an excuse for some indiscretion.
-Get people to feel sorry for them.
-Make the mentioned person look bad.
A: Hey, he said you blackmailed him into bringing that food.
B: He did what? He proposed to bring it himself.
A: He's a real cheb isn't he?
B: Seems like it..

A: He blackmailed me into doing that, I didn't want to!
B: We all read the email so we know you planned it, don't pull a cheb on us!
by Chinook78 December 24, 2013
An irish synonym for an attractive person, male or female. It is generally reserved for professional situation where tact, decency, and respect are highly appreciated.

It is not to be used in a derogatory fashion, or in a way to describe any anatomical portion of a person's body in an objective fashion.
Did you have a good time at that bar? Were there sweet chebs there?

by J. Smiddy September 11, 2007
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