1920's word for glasses, spectacles, eyewear, peepers,eyeglasses
I'm going to put on my cheaters, so I can read.
by Lary Jane November 29, 2006
A person who acts dishonestly or practices fraud (cheating) such as obtaining the questions to a math test which are not intended to be had before taking the exam.
Christina Tran got the questions on the test and is a cheater.
by Anonymous February 23, 2005
Bill Belichick is an example of someone who is a cheater. That's why he's often called Bill Belicheat.
by HarryPothead6009 February 07, 2008
Winners, but only as long as they are not caught in the act.
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
A guy who is married but can't seem to stay faithful to his wife who has put up with his bullshit for years. He tells girls that I'm just the mother of his children!
Kris H. seems to forget that he's married when he's out fucking around on his wife while she is at home taking care of the children. Sounds like a cheater to me
by Fedupwife March 03, 2012
one who decides to have another relationship with another girl and when his real girlfriend goes back to her country she finds out online, decides to hide his cowerly self until almost a month later. then proceeds to blame the whole thing on his (now, ex) girlfriend and tells her to stay away from his girlfriend aka the girl he cheated with.
A) GUY: I'm just gonna let her think I love her then continue my other relationship when she's gone

B) GIRL: F&%$ HIM . He was cheating on me!! I always knew he was a cheater deep down!
by Joe Dane August 31, 2010
people who never prosper (except really, sometimes they do).
Cheaters never prosper.

Bums never prosper. They must be cheaters.
by Nick D May 31, 2003

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