people who never prosper (except really, sometimes they do).
Cheaters never prosper.

Bums never prosper. They must be cheaters.
by Nick D May 31, 2003
Dallas-based reality TV show once hosted by Tommy Grand, now hosted by Joey Greco, the one known for getting shanked on a boat.

Possibly the best thing to come out of Dallas besides the Cowboys, Mavs, And "Walker, Texas Ranger".

Looking for Cheaters locations and Cheaters guests is a ton of fun!
Wow, man! You remember that one episode of "Cheaters" where that busted they guy in that tattoo parlor banging these two broads? EPIC!
by pelicaine September 07, 2009
Silicon Breasts
They were not real, they were cheaters...
by Peppe E May 22, 2003
A show on G4 where wives/husbands or boyfriends/girlfriends put thier lovers under hidden cameras to reveal the truth. Although entertaning to the point where I nearly die from laughter when they "confront" the cheaters it gives them no right whatsoever to invade people's privacy an tape them kissing etc.

I guess the cheaters deserve it, but dude, lets not break the law...
Cheater: Dude, I am like, a jerk...but you guys are just plain bullies. I will sue you guys!

Cheaters host: On second thought...this was all a joke...we-we just wanted to see if you wanted a free sample...kthanxbye!

*The cheaters crew ran off in fear of being sued at this point in time*
by Somene December 06, 2007
A person who has another gf or bf while dating somebody else and isnt faithful. They couldnt just end the relationship instead of telling the person they didnt want to be with them anymore.
My boyfreind is a cheater becuase he cheated on me and when i found out and told him i knew he avoided it.
by Queen Jae' June 06, 2014

1.) Scum. Trash. Whore.

2.) Someone who resembles or is in the process of resembling a dirty diaper.

3.) A person that is not a fan or gets along with Carrie Underwood.

4.) That guy named Steve who always peaks at your Uno cards.
The relationship between a cheater and their cheaty is best described through a poem.


The Only Color that Mattered (as read in a British accent)

I didn’t know what colors were
Until that moment I met you.
Taking my hand you showed me
How the green trees could swim

Through the blue waters of the sky.
How the orange light can shimmer off
The bronze puddles in the backyard.
How the night’s black air could turn
Into a grey dawn of blissful serenity.
But then you decided cheat on me.
So now the only color I can see
Is the brown shit I left on the hood of your car.
by pudgyboymike May 05, 2014
There are many definitions of cheating. To be a cheater you don't always have to physically cheat. Cheating on a loved one can also be defined as privately talking, texting, or seeing another person behind your significant others back. If you have to hide messages or people from your loved one you are cheating. Cheating can also be defined as sexual contact. To be a cheater remember it doesn't always involve sexual contact.
I found messages of my boyfriend/girlfriends phone with another girl. They were flirty and descriptive messages. He/she was a cheater

I walked in on my boyfriend/girlfriend kissing another girl/boy. My loved one was a cheater he kissed another girl/boy.
by Baller3367 February 12, 2015

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