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In various kinds of games: to win, not by cheating, exactly, but by relying on techniques that lack any finesse, skill, or sophistication. Keeping to the letter of the rules, without respecting their spirit. Victory without sportsmanship, but without entering any cheat codes.
A: "You must be pretty good at street fighter to finish off the AI with a perfect round!"

B: "Nah, I just play as Ryu and hammer them with Hadoken."

A: "Man, that's cheaping."
by anarchthonic February 28, 2009
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In retail pricing strategy: Lower prices across multiple categories and products by cutting premium margins and improving procurement. The goal is to gain market share fast and it requires creative marketing campagins to increase the perception of permanent and wide price deductions. Made famous by the S-Group in Finland ("halpuuttaminen").
The retail chain used cheaping strategy to launch new lower prices on everyday products.
by Juhani December 31, 2015
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