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AKA, the Spanish Hitler. Murdered many families, including children in order to push his politicals views on others. Many mis-informed college students don't read about this, and decide to wear his T-Shirts.
That Che Guevara is a real son-of-a-bitch. He killed my grandparents.
by silentthread August 07, 2009
The best kind of terrorist .. a dead one .. that is what good ole che is .. just another dead terrorist.

che guevara is no longer alive, he was a terrorist, he is now a dead terrorist. That would be your god forsaken little che.
by SDZ in AZ March 25, 2008
Argentine Communist revolutionary who fought alongside Fidel Castro in Cuba's Revolution to overthrow Fulgencio Batista. Although Che's rhetoric is popular among those who oppose imperialism, the United States in general, and capitalism as an economic system, Che also murdered over a thousand Cubans in his short stint as leader of the Cabana prison in Cuba without due process. Supported persecutions of individuals who did not agree with a radical ideology.
"The image of Che Guevara hurts Cubans because of it reminds them of the innocent men and women that Che ordered to be killed in "La Cabana" prison
by Rodolfo M February 03, 2010
Most of the definitions focus on the saint he was definitely not. We owe other, less publicized, aspects of Che’s personality and life to the readers of Urban Dictionary.
One genuine accomplishment in Che Guevara's life: the mass-murder of defenseless men and boys. At everything else Che Guevara failed abysmally, even comically.
Upon arriving in Havana on January of 1959 after an utterly bogus guerrilla war, Che Guevara immediately recognized the moat around Havana's La Cabana fortress as a handy-dandy execution pit. At Babi-Yar Hitler's SS had to dig one. Here Che Guevara had one ready made.
His favorite tool in the struggle for free education and health care was a shot to the back of the victim’s head. According to the authoritative "Black Book of Communism," Castro and Che’s firing squads riddled another 14,000 bound and gagged freedom-fighters. Many (perhaps most) of their murder victims were boys in their late-teens and early 20s. Some were even younger. Carlos Machado and his twin brother Ramon were 15 when they spat in the face of their communist executioners and died singing their national anthem as lustily as they cursed Che Guevara's Internationale.
A bona fide coward, Guevara died whipering "Don't Shoot! I'm Che! I'm worth to you more alive than dead!" This sniveling shout was heard by the two Bolivian soldiers when they confronted Che and his guerrilla charge Willi. Che immediately dropped his fully loaded weapons and started his whimpering. (That's two Bolivian soldiers against two armed guerrillas, by the way.)
Source and more info: Humberto Fontova in "Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him."
Che Guevara was a sick murderer whose criminal acts, having been commited in the name of the "revolution," have been whitewashed by the radical Left.
by A. Olszewski February 21, 2008
A rather naive Marxist mass-murderer, who carried out Revolutionary "Justice" in Cuba, normally with a pistol to the temple. Drove Cuba's economy into the ground as its head by having a system where supply and demand did not dictate price, but the "social worth" of the item in question. Relished the idea of a global nuclear war between Socialism and Imperialism/Capitalism, and firmly believed that "The People" would be grateful for such a conflict. After falling out of favour in Cuba, he tried to sell himself as a wandering revolutionary in South America, so determined to "help the people" that he wasn't bothered with trifling little details about who they were and what they wanted (he tried to sell a communist revolution to Bolivian natives, who owned their own land and were perfectly happy and therefore told him to sod off). Ended up getting topped in Bolivia by CIA trained soldiers.
Che Guevara is idolised by all kinds of naive students and marxists who are more interested in the myths about the man than what he actually did
by stoatman August 31, 2004
A man whose picture appears on red T-shirts at Hot Topic for around $15-20 bucks. You can also buy iron-on patches and label buttons with Che's face on them for about $1 buck each.

What better way to display your fad-driven support of Communism by buying merchandise supplied by large corporations? Who cares if your supporting the "machine", he looks so badass on those T-shirts. You're sure to impress all your punk/stoner friends and maybe attract that cute alternachick that sits in front of you in your art class if ol' Che is with you.
I'm sure that this is exactly what Che would want: his image used by corporations to sell merchandise to naive teenage "rebels". Corporations know that most so-called "Communists" and "Anarchists" are just glorified potheads that can be just as easily manipulated as an Abercrombie shopper.

Get your parent's credit cards, kids! Cause there's a 50% discount on all Communist related merchandise at Hot Topic! This week only!

See also irony.
by Che Mama March 06, 2005
A communist who was inept and had no formal medical training. When the nuclear ICBM's were in place in Cuba he wanted to blow up NY. Castro used Ernesto "Che" Guevara for his families money to pay off the Army of Batista. The "revolution" was one of the calmest ones in history. He raped, murdered, squandered the Cubans lives and money. He thought and believed that musicians, actors, capitalists were useless and evil. He managed to ruin the 5 Billion dollar (USD) surplus that Batista and his evil capitalist friends had made while he was in power. Batista was using the rich Americans as a cash cow through tourism and gambling. Guevara was a horrible leader during his attempted coups in other countries. He failed in life and as proof he died saying I am worth more to you alive than dead.
by 11B20 February 15, 2010