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6 definitions by Ronto

What most people on UrbanDictionary are.
Man I so bored of watch these cars go through this traficlight on my street. Hey guess its time to go snoop around on UrbDictionary
by Ronto November 03, 2004
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A idea that was once brilliant, which aimed to unite Europe and allow it to stand up to the rest of the world through economic and political cooperation. In pratice an huge ineffective machine where nobody can agree with anyone. Moreover most of the european population either doesn't care or doesn't like it.
But by the way the EU political system makes about 50% of the laws of the countries in the union. The whole european political structure is governed by the "european commission" which is not even elected: what a great lesson of european democracy. Lets look at our problems before we laugh at the US elections. Please!
The pre-Irak war conflit is a perfect example of Europe being unable to speak in a clear and united voice.
by Ronto November 23, 2004
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A dick head or in other words a communist
how can anyone support him when you know what ideas he fought for
by Ronto February 10, 2005
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Also known as PSG by the fans. Greatest football club in the world(real football where you actually use your feet).
Only (good)team of the French capital. They play at the "Parc des Princes" a beautiful stadium. L'OM is its main rival and Paris has fucked them in the last 3 years.
Winners of 2 european C2 cups, and various French Cups and Championships
Cmon Paris Allez Paris
by Ronto November 07, 2004
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One of the best bands out there when their album Infest came out. But you have to admit that they have gone hill a lot with their new stuff. Such a disappointment they had so much potential.
Last Resort? She loves me not? The best songs ever!!!!!
by Ronto March 01, 2005
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Worst city in France "to lose". It's called ville rose because it's gay and sucks. If you ever come to France stay away at all costs go visit a place that kicks ass like Paris or the south coast.
Damm my life is shit I had to live in toulouse 13 fucking years of my life
by ronto January 09, 2005
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