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The most sweet-ass sizzlin train that ever did choo choo, Today, trains have pride of place in Chattanooga's former Terminal Station in Tennesse, also a popular song by Glenn Miller,it was no.1 for nine weeks on the Billboard Best Sellers chart.
"Wow did you see that train it was so chattanooga choo choo"

"That car was almost as fast as a Chatta choo choo"

"This song has been chatta chooing in my head all day"
by The BGK King March 09, 2009
A sexual position involving four participants. The male penetrates a female while she is bent over, the female in turn eats out another female whom is also bent over, the second female then sucks off another male. BY linking the four participants a train is formed.
"Dude! should see that Chattanooga Choo Choo i just found on the net...I wish my girlfriend would do that!"
by IClimbMtnsNsx September 18, 2009
A variation of the train where all those involved are related.
Hey Billy Joe let's go on down to Mary Sue's and run a Chattanooga Choo Choo. Make sure cousin Earl and Bob are there.
by Techs July 13, 2006
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