Coming from a girl from Oakville (Oakville's where the word was made, you idiot!)...
Chate can mean anything you want it to mean; we use it for pretty much everything.
Mostly, though, people use the word CHATE to describe a crappy deal.
Hey man! That was so chate!
by blackblondie13 October 05, 2005
Top Definition
It can be describing a shitty(bad) situation in the maximum and minimum degree. A situation being a person, place, thing or event.
My roomate Dan is chate!
Oakville is chate!
Rollerblades are chate!
Exams are chate!
by jonnyV April 15, 2004
Slang from Oakville, Ont.
Shitty deal.
That was so chate, that guy just ripped me off.
by Graeme July 01, 2004
Originated in Oakville, "Chate" roughly describes a shitty deal or coming up short. The word's namesake was a student at OTHS (Oakville-Trafalgar Highschool) who was known to short-change you when dealing marijuana. It's primarily used by Oakvillians from the east side of town.
Hey man, you owe me $100. Don't be chate on me.

This party is so chate, let's bust out of here.
by BetterThanYouThink June 19, 2006
To get ripped off, punked off, back stabbed or just simply chated out
KC is a chate bastard
His counts are chate
d's for $10 was chate
by Bersky May 04, 2005
something really shitty or coming up short
losing the game was really chate
i got chated out on my fries
dont be chate, give me my face back
by Steve March 26, 2004
The word has come to mean something crappy, or a bad deal (usually for drugs). Originally, it was a guys name. I only met him twice, but it came from guys on his hockey team. His last name was Chater. If you fucked up, you were pulling a chater. It was most often shortened to chate. It then came to be used so much that it was a noun, a verb, and an adjective. Especially if you're from Oakville, read this: nationalpost/news/story.html ?id=4e8a527c-367f-41cb -8b3f-4e6a9ec5205f&k=30372
you'll have to take out the spaces, it's worth it, you will be ROTFLYFAO
Oakville dude 1: Let's go to the house party
Oakville dude 2: I heard it's pretty chate
Oakville dude 1: Shut it chater, let's book
by John Chate 28 March 30, 2008
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