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This word has direct roots from the word chate. It is someone who commits an act that is defined as chate.
Dan is a chater!
Dan is chater then exams!
by JonnyV September 21, 2004
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big adams apple
smokes loads
drinks loads
ugly cunt
butt fucker
not very popular
jack - "chater.."
chater - "BAH what? im having a fag"
jack - "youre a fucking donkey chiddler and nobody likes you....go home and do us all a favour you ugly penis"
by abingdon posse May 21, 2003
A shortened version of "I'll chat to you later". Can be used at the end of messages.
Ok i've gtg now, chater!
by Leeenzie May 03, 2011
short term for "catch you later"
usually used with the "surfers hand wave"
can be used instead of BYE to end a convo
hey man, im outta here, chater.
by thatsmeyo July 17, 2009
drives a clio (" clio...bah!)
drinks shitloads in risa ("bah...500 pints in 10seconds...bah!")
bigger piece than alun
also known as Adam
smokes more than is possible
fortunately i never have to see him and adam again
bah bah bah bah bah bah puf puf puf bah bah glug glug glug bah bah bah
by THE ALMIGHTY HEAD May 28, 2003

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