Some one who comes from low income background and doesn't care much for there appearance or hygene.
Sara; Hey did you see Jacky yesterday?

Lucas; Yeah, what a chat!
by Yukudufukuda August 04, 2006
A hideous growth behind someone's ear.
Walshy look at your chat!!
by chatearjohn May 03, 2009
A derogatory term applicable to anyone. Derived from a type of potato, usually small. "Chat" was originally used to describe people with heads that are small and rough in shape, but has since been adopted into everyday language to describe unclean people.
"Trent just ate the bubblegum from under the table! He's such a chat..."
by Josh Byrnes August 10, 2005
this is the french for cat
j'aime les animaux. j'adore chats!
by Emma April 03, 2005
n. Caribbean slang for what a DJ or artiste does over a beat.
"Listen wha' meh chat 'bout."
by redgyul September 22, 2004

Something utterly rank, disgusting or wrong.
Originates from 'chad'.
Holy shit andrew, your girlfriend is really chat!
by Freemo August 31, 2005
An ecstasy tablet
"I just popped another chat"
by DoctaD March 21, 2004

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